In October 2016, Dreamcatchers started as part of a training course. We noticed there was a lot of demand for our activities, and we loved organising them! That’s why, now, a year later, we decided to take it a step further and developed into an official non-profit foundation.

There are numerous initiatives that welcome and help people with a refugee background in the Netherlands. Amazing activities are being organised! But what if those same people got a say in those activities? What do they want to achieve or do?

Dreamcatchers is aimed at the individual. We think it’s important that everyone feels welcome and heard in the Netherlands. We aim to contribute to this by actively listening to the goals, ambitions and dreams of people with a refugee background in the Netherlands. This can be a course, a day out with the family, or a completely different opportunity. Each dream or goal is different. But one thing is always the same: the idea comes from the individual. After all, everyone is different in their own way.