Social network and friendship for female newcomers

The Dreamcatchers Foundation believes it is important that women with a refugee background in the Netherlands feel at home here and build a warm, sustainable network. That’s why, together with a network of volunteers, we organise “dream days” for women with a refugee background. The main activity of this day responds to a personal wish of the “dream woman”. This can be a fun day out or focused on practical skills or the future.

Based on the ‘pay-it-forward’ principle that same woman can in a new team of volunteers organise a dream day for someone else after their own dream day. This way, she joins a warm collective that likes to get together and do something nice for others. This way, we help expand someone’s network and help them get – and stay – in touch with people in the Netherlands of all sorts of backgrounds!

Future Dream days

We’re always looking for people to help facilitate dream days!

Wanted: volunteers

As a volunteer dream group, you and a group of 6 to 10 volunteers consisting of Dutch and newcomers organize a dream day for a woman with a refugee background. During 1 to 2 months you meet at least 4 times to organize the dream day and you are also present on the dream day itself. The women are largely from Utrecht.

About us

It is our mission that people with a refugee background feel included in the Dutch society. We want to achieve this by, together with them, connect with other people in the Netherlands.