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Are you excited to help us? Would you like to donate, sponsor or volunteer? Super!

As you may understand, we have no fixed activities, dates or locations. It all depends on the applications we receive. That is why we work with a group of volunteers. We send an email with what, when and how many volunteers we need.

We are always looking for donors and sponsors.

Wanted: volunteers

As a volunteer dream group you and a group of 6 to 10 volunteers consisting of Dutch and newcomers organize a dream day for a woman with a refugee background. During 1 to 2 months you meet at least 4 times to organize the dream day and you are also present on the dream day itself.


Also help organising dream days for female refugees. No matter how big or small your contribution is, every euro is very welcome! Let’s organise as many dream days as possible together.

Become a corporate sponsor

Do you want to sponsor a dreamday with your company? Or maybe you want to organise a day with your team for a female newcomer? Or would you like to buy some dreamcatchers from us as a business gift?

We are happy to think along with you about a customised sponsor programme. We would love to drop by to discuss the possibilities.

Our job openings

We’re always looking for people that can help organise dream days!